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About Us / Management Philosophy

Built on the foundation of its Q.T.Q. (Quality Products = Products of the Highest Quality, Technical Support = Suggestive-Styled Technical Assistance, Quick Delivery = Strict Observance of the Promised Date of Delivery) management philosophy, Kobe Steel Welding Business has continuously maintained its position as the No. 1 manufacturer of welding consumables and welding systems both in Japan and South East Asia.

Kobe Steel Welding Business global reach comprises 13 overseas production and sales bases offering a comprehensive array of welding products and related services.

Kobelco Welding India Pvt. Ld. was established in Jun 2011 in Gurgaon, Haryana and has been working on marketing welding consumables made by Kobe Steel Gr. companies and Welding Robot made by Kobe Steel, Ltd.

In 2014 we set up warehouse in Gurgaon and started also selling value added welding products imported from various Kobelco group manufacturing units globally. Our policy is to supply quality products on quick delivery basis with technical support to meet customers’ requirement in India. We are sure to grow in the future by following the market trend of developing Indian industry by supplying welding products. We would like to contribute to the development of industry in India.

With our technological expertise, we are able to offer fully integrated “Welding Solution” packages that suggest new ways of resolving problems associated with welding materials, power sources and welding procedures.

We will continuously strive towards improving environmental conservation and development of society through the technology of "Welding."